My favourite quotes from “The Power Of Now”

Today I felt like putting together a quote collection again. This time, it is a book that I have quoted here and there before – “The Power Of Now” by Eckart Tolle. I haven’t yet read the whole book, which is why I will only share my favourite quotes from the first half of the book. Somewhere in the future, hopefully soon – I will do a follow-up entry with the other insightful quotes from the second half. These are the quotes from the first half that called to me so far:

When it comes to choosing my favourite one of these quotes, it becomes difficult. There are just so many great ones! And these aren’t even all of them!
Let’s say that I had to tie myself down to three quotes then it would be the first, sixth and seventh one.
I like the first one because “You have it already” is such a bold position against the idea that one has to find oneself. It’s just not true. I mean, yes, things might happen in our lives that divert us from our natural mental balance, but … in the end, we always come back to who we are at the core. We might change in life through learning and evolving, but we are still who we are, beautiful and hurt, known and unknown, and isn’t that enough? Isn’t it more interesting to be on a journey of getting to know yourself (again) than a journey of finding yourself?

The reason why I like the sixth quote as well is this one. They say that writing frees the soul, right? When you take a journal and write down what is bothering or worrying you, you take a great step towards understanding yourself. You write down everything that pops up in your head (about a certain event or feeling), letting your mind run free and therefore become free. By doing that you become conscious of your thoughts and can reflect on them. So, when you find yourself surrounded by dark or troubling thoughts again, try using the power of your consciousness. Because that is who you are. Light in its primal form.

And last but not least: Quote number seven – or I should rather say the two quotes under number seven. The first one/ quote 7.1 (“Observe the mind. Smile at it.”) of them is so simple but not any less genius: Why not smile at your mind every once in a while. It makes things way more lighter and takes a little bit of the familiar sting off. When I read this part in the book, I actually tried to let the mind do its things and oberserved. Sometimes I even commented it and said: “Ah there you go, prefering laziness again”. It can be quite funny to be honest. And when the heaviness is gone, it is then easier to come out of a particular train of thought change things up and i.e. do something that you have postponed for a while.
Quote number 7.2 (“Die to the past every moment”) is one of these quotes that state the obvious but to which we aren’t always awake to. In every moment we are a different version of ourselves. That is due to our varying thoughts, emotions we have, our behaviour, the circumstances we are under and the roles we play in our lives. We are complex human beings that are everchanging. That is why “dying to the past” can be so fruitful. It shows us humans who we have already been are still to be. We will carry everything that we have experienced with us as a piece within our souls. Because we are one with all things.

– Tolle, E. (2004). The power of now: A guide to spiritual enlightenment. New World Library. pp. 1 – 92

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